Armenian Youth Centre of Toronto

AYC facilities


The Armenian Youth Centre offers for rent a 461-seat Theatre, which upon special request can be made to accommodate 500 guests. As a centre of less than 10 years, and having undergone significant improvements in the last three years, the theatre offers the best in sound and lighting technology to make for a seamless and […]



AYC offers for rent, on an hourly or daily basis, a full-sized gymnasium. With a total of six basketball nets, two soccer nets, and a full-sized digital score board, the gym is ideal for anything from a day-long tournaments to an hour-long scrimmage. Our gymnasium is equipped with a mechanical divider that splits the gym […]



The cafeteria at the Armenian Youth Centre can be used in conjunction with the theatre, gymnasium, and/or program rooms to accommodate meetings, luncheons, or social gatherings. The cafeteria is commonly utilized as a place to offer refreshments and/or snacks to guests during intermission for longer productions or shows within the theatre or gymnasium. With prearranged […]

Program Rooms

Smaller meetings are commonly held in the program rooms. Equipped with a chalkboard and seating for up to 25 people, the atmosphere allows for a close-knit meeting. Program rooms are also often used in conjunction with the theatre rental (i.e. dance competitions) with the various dance studios using them to keep their costumes and allow […]